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Class 3G Fashion Accessories

Pcto del liceo Enzo Rossi
Fondazione Mondo Digitale

Class 3G Fashion Accessories

Class 3G Fashion Accessories

Smart & Heart Rome: sustainable fashion prototypes at the Liceo Enzo Rossi

As part of the three-year Smart & Heart Rome Programme, developed with the support of the, Department for Digital Transformation of the City of Rome, a course was organised at the Liceo Enzo Rossi on the technology necessary to implement a new sustainable fashion supply system: from ethical and green conception to design and development in respect of the environment.

The 27-hour course, developed with the contribution of the Master’s Programme in Fashion Studies at Sapienza University of Rome, allowed the students to work on prototyping fashion projects with a low environmental impact by using natural and recycled materials and low-cost, low-waste, digital manufacturing techniques.



The course provides students with an opportunity to investigate the concept of sustainability, both individual and collective, as part of a single systemic process, and to reflect on their crucial role for fair, conscientious and sustainable growth. The course will also allow them to acquire new skills for professional and research sectors that are expanding rapidly.

The educational activities have been designed and developed with the help of:

  • Alfonso Molina, Scientific Director, Fondazione Mondo Digitale
  • Romana Andò, Director, Masters Programme in Fashion Studies, Sapienza University of Rome
  • Gianni Denaro, Coach
  • Matteo Viscogliosi, Coach
  • Irene Caretti, Coach

In the video, the experience is presented by Prof. Manuela Mancioppi, two students in Class 3G, and Romana Andò, Director of the Masters Programme in Fashion Studies at Sapienza University of Rome.


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