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A public service space on digital transformation. All activities are free of charge

Our Academy is open to everyone to get passionate about continuing education. Short-term modules and more structured tracks (including moocs) enable intensive learning experiences and tools to design changes in personal and professional life. They offer timely responses to the training needs of every citizen, from basic digital literacy to the specialized skills most in demand in the labor market, to the digital transformation of the enterprise.

The distance learning platform is developed with Moodle, an open-code learning environment. We continue to work to improve accessibility and make the interface more "friendly" for less experienced people.

Young people, adults seeking retraining, parents, teachers, professionals, over-60s, etc. can all find courses and pathways tailored to enrich their education and develop new skills.

We offer engaging and transformative learning experiences that start with awareness of oneself and one's potential. To become change agents at all ages.

Most of the training sessions are offered as webinars (web seminars), thus in synchronous mode: trainers and participants connect at the same time and communicate through a single platform from distant locations. To ensure the widest possible participation, the same content also remains available in asynchronous mode, so that it can be accessed at each person's own time and pace.

Certificates of participation, open badges and micro-certifications are to be issued.

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