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To learn anytime, anywhere

How many are able to independently navigate a course of study or know how to invest in specific training for a new job?

A tool for personal development, microlearning modules to increase training opportunities anytime, anywhere, graphic cards to memorize key words and concepts of digital culture, a physical gaming environment to learn how to be online, video tutorials, rapid prototyping labs, one-on-one meetings to enhance resumes and professional profiles, debates in virtual rooms, pathways for soft skills and orientation as virtual service learning, a drone flying field in a school, and even forays into the metaverse: We experience daily, with different audiences, the firtual dimension of education, between physical and virtual environments. So that everyone, from 0 to 100 years old, can learn anytime, anywhere.

With the tough test of the health emergency, we have developed an original model, which we called firtual hybrid, combining formal and informal learning and contaminating content, modes of participation, methodologies, languages, environments and contexts. We have developed a true FMD Academy, open to all, to get people excited about continuing education, based mainly on short modules to enable intensive learning experiences, and on tools to design changes in personal and professional life.

We are increasingly convinced that the crucial challenge to engage each and everyone is personalized training, inclusive even for those with special learning needs. The challenge of universal training is deeply rooted in our roots, committed for more than twenty years to spreading the culture of innovation for a new knowledge economy as an engine for the country's development.

With the Personal Ecosystem Canvas, conceived by scientific director Alfonso Molina, we have configured a single tool, a web app, for personal and collective development to be declined for different ages and conditions of life, capable of encompassing within it all the new instances for a 21st century education (multiple intelligences, noncognitive skills, etc.) and continuing education, including new methodologies for corporate change management. It refers to the Education for Life model and Personal Ecosystem Theory for the development of self-entrepreneurship, based on the convergence of three ecosystems: personal, project and service ecosystems. A crucial tool for deepening the personal dimension as an essential component for building holistic sustainability.

Different versions of the Personal Ecosystem Canvas are available, with varying levels of complexity for more functional use in school or vocational training contexts.

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