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Personal Ecosystem Canvas

Alfonso Molina

Personal Ecosystem Canvas

Personal Ecosystem Canvas

Designed by Professor Alfonso Molina, the Personal Ecosystem Canvas (PEC) is a tool for investigating the personal ecosystem to align it with the social and work spheres. The personal ecosystem-multidimensional, dynamic, evolutionary and complex-includes all aspects that influence a person's life and is also decisive for social and professional fulfillment. The PEC is a tool for self-reflection on internal aspects (mind and body) and external aspects (assets, relationships, organization, infrastructure, culture, trends), which in turn have a multiplicity of sub-categories. All elements are analyzed in detail by filling out a questionnaire and displaying the results in real time to "snapshot" each person's current situation and short-term projection. The person is guided to bring the pieces of the analysis together through structured pitches.

The holistic nature of PEC allows it to be applied in a variety of contexts (school, university, corporate) to increase awareness of complexity and the dynamic propensity for change in individuals, groups and organizations. PEC proves extremely effective for training on team building, leadership, educational and career guidance, and self-entrepreneurship.

The personal ecosystem

It is everything that influences an individual and makes him or her who he or she is. It is structured in seven concentric spheres, at the center, in the first sphere, is each of us, "naked," with our own mind, body. And the "assets" that never leave us: identity, self-esteem, self-efficacy, self-awareness, a bit of everything that in English begins with "self." Then motivations, aspirations. Finally, our shadows, limitations and fears.

Already having a clear view of this sphere can seem very long and complicated. But the purpose is not to initiate psychoanalytic work on self, rather to select useful information.

In our training courses, where we have a maximum of 4, 5 hours, we do a classic exercise to help quickly draw out one's strengths and weaknesses. It's called the elevator pitch: you get into an elevator with someone who is very important to you and you have two minutes to get them to listen to you and help you. Hard as hell to try. The next spheres? The assets we own. The relationships. The organizations. The infrastructure. The culture. The historical period.

The concept of self-entrepreneurship

In the Miur definition, "Entrepreneurial competence refers to the ability to act on ideas and opportunities and transform them into values for others. It is based on creativity, critical thinking and problem solving, initiative and perseverance, and the ability to work collaboratively in order to plan and manage projects that have cultural, social or financial value." The Syllabus' reference for self-entrepreneurship education is the European EntreComp Framework conceptual model, which is based on three areas and 15 competencies.

In more direct terms we can say that self-entrepreneurship is a kind of prerequisite, it means taking stock of oneself in an organized way, putting oneself in the center of one's own world and beginning to draw a series of ever-widening circles around oneself until one draws a clear map that answers the starting questions: Who am I and what can I do? What tools do I have at my disposal? Who is around me? In what environment do I move?

If I am clear on these coordinates, am I able to navigate a course of study, can I invest in specific training or develop a personal project or take a step toward new employment...

How the web app works

The Personal Ecosystem Canvas (PEC) is a useful tool for reflecting on the development and construction of one's personal ecosystem. It helps to understand how each person represents themselves and how they would like to be in the future. This understanding is crucial, as the awareness we have of ourselves influences how we behave in every context. To facilitate the use of the PEC, the self-assessment task is divided into two parts: "today" and "future."

The PEC is a tool to accompany the journey of life: it can be filled out as often as one needs to take stock.

When writing presentations (pitches), everyone can choose the level of depth with which they wish to tell their story to other people in a group or counseling session.

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