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e-Care Family

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e-Care Family

e-Care Family

With the e-Care Family project (2012-13) in the schools of Civita Castellana, Rieti, Tivoli and Viterbo, safety and prevention is studied in the agricultural, domestic, industrial and ceramic fields through the use of new technologies and discussion with Inail experts.

In addition to the traditional Grandparents on the Internet manuals, the courses declined on the different territorial specificities are associated with four booklets dedicated to safety and prevention in the specific sector and ten video lectures.


  • Sicurezza e prevenzione nei laboratori di ceramica
  • Sicurezza e prevenzione in ambito domestico e alberghiero
  • Sicurezza e prevenzione in ambito agrario
  • Sicurezza e prevenzione in ambito tecnico industriale

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