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Educazione per la vita e inclusione digitale

Education for life and digital inclusion

Educazione per la vita e inclusione digitale

Educazione per la vita e inclusione digitale

"An innovative school is a school that ensures lifelong access to the educational treasure, which makes people learn to learn always and everywhere. ICT, information and communication technologies, are a valuable set of tools for developing such a school, which creates in people a permanent habit of lifelong learning. This is achievable if the school, as indeed in many parts of the world already seems to be the case in primary education, frees itself from the traditional repetitive teaching and learning of separate notions by subjects, accompanying instead to acquire the necessary multidisciplinary horizons and focusing on transversal skills" [from Tullio De Mauro's preface].

The volume Educazione per la vita e inclusione digitale. Strategie innovative per la scuola e la formazione degli adulti (Erickson Editions) presents the model developed by Alfonso Molina, co-founder and scientific director of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale. A Personal Chair in Technology Strategy, Molina was a full professor at the University of Edinburgh for more than 20 years. The book "condenses and proposes to our schools a long path of study at the specialist and international level and fifteen years of experience of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale in the field of fighting the digital divide and promoting social and cultural inclusion."

Talking about "digital inclusion" today does not simply mean equipping children and adults with basic computer skills, but spreading at all levels a culture of innovation that has as its objectives, at the individual level, the integral development of the person, protagonism in work and full citizenship and, at the social level, the fight against marginality, community development and the elaboration of systemic responses to contemporary challenges. It also means putting education back at the center, as an engine of transformation and development, integrating the acquisition of knowledge, transversal skills, soft skills and personal attitudes with innovative and multidisciplinary curricula. This is the aim pursued by the Digital World Foundation, combining research and practice: to work for a democratic knowledge society, in which the benefits that come from knowledge, new technologies and innovation benefit everyone without any kind of discrimination.

In this volume, the authors present the theoretical and ethical framework that guides their thinking and describe the actions and projects they have carried out, which can be extended to very different contexts and involve different segments of the population.


Strategie innovative per la scuola e la formazione degli adulti
Formato: 17x24
Pagine: 126
ISBN: 9788859011828
Collana: le GUIDE
Editore: Erickson
Prezzo: 18,50 euro

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