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Holograms at school

risorse del progetto Holomakers

Holograms at school

Holograms at school

The page dedicated to intellectual outputs contains the final version of the teaching materials produced during the European project HoloMakers - Motivating secondary school students toward STEM careers through hologram making and innovative virtual image processing practices with direct links to current research and laboratory practices.  

All materials, many available in multiple languages, can be downloaded and shared, under the Creative Commons (noncommercial) license

Below are the Italian language materials and the online course

Schede di lavoro

  1. Esperimento fisico: calcolare la distanza tra le tracce CD/DVD registrate
  2. Artefatti culturali
  3. Le frasi ossimoriche
  4. Catturare la luce: progetto della moneta
  5. Realizzazione di una conchiglia
  6. Catturare la luce: progetto con i modellini di plastilina
  7. Catturare la luce: progetto sull'identità

You can also access the online course free of charge, with teacher training materials, tutorials, and background materials. The directions in the guide should be followed to register online.


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