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Interland Room

Interland Room alla Palestra dell'Innovazione

Interland Room

Interland Room

It is a physical space that faithfully reproduces in graphics the four kingdoms of the game Interland, in tabletop and digital versions. It is the new proposal that Fondazione Mondo Digitale and Google are dedicating to children and preadolescents aged 8 to 14 as part of the project Live the Internet, at its best. Children can engage in digital and analog educational activities consistent with the challenges of the realm. For each realm, there is a screen with voice support that explains the activities to be done and also proposes questions and riddles and a hand game (e.g., building a tower for the "Treasure Tower" realm and the Leonardo Da Vinci Bridge for the "River of Reality" realm. The maximum duration of each activity is 40 minutes.

It is a modular system adaptable to different environments, thanks to furniture that is easy to transport, assemble and disassemble.

The four realms that make up the game:

The River of Reality. Learn to distinguish true from false

Learning objectives include:

  • Distinguish true from false
  • Recognize the signs of a scam
  • Understand what phishing is and how to report it.

Treasure Tower. Guard your personal information.

Learning objectives include:

  • Taking responsibility for guarding your personal information
  • How to create a secure and easy-to-remember password.

The Courteous Kingdom. Spread kindness.

Learning objectives include.

  • The Web amplifies kindness and negativity. Learn how to use the Internet to spread positive messages.
  • Don't tolerate intimidation; when in doubt, it's best to speak up.

The Responsible Mount. Use technology with common sense.

Learning objectives include:

  • Be careful about what you share and with whom. Being aware of the consequences of sharing certain information
  • Understand that some information is extra sensitive.



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