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Migrant guides (Iprit)

Migrant guides (Iprit)

Migrant guides (Iprit)

Migrant guides (Iprit)

The guide Prospettive di collaborazione italo-marocchina, published in Italian and French in October 2013, was written specifically for the IPRIT - Immigrazione Percorsi di regolare in Italia project, based on the in-depth studies conducted by the European Migration Network (EMN), which in Italy is under the Ministry of the Interior, Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration.

    The guide in the Italian version

    The guide in the French version

Starting with the guide "Perspectives on Italian-Moroccan Collaboration," 9 presentations in PowerPoint format were developed, designed as support tools during trainings on the topic of immigration in Italy and as materials that can be used independently by potential immigrants seeking information on Italian entry and residence procedures.

The presentations cover the following topics:

1. Breve storia dell’immigrazione marocchina in Italia

2. Lavoratori dipendenti

3. Lavoratori altamente qualificati

4. Ricercatori scientifici

5. Lavoratori autonomi

6. Lavoratori stagionali

7. Ricongiungimenti familiari

8. Studenti

9. Previdenza sociale



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