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Non-cognitive skills

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Non-cognitive skills

Non-cognitive skills

From the pandemic, we have not only learned how strategic digital technologies can be, but also how the noncognitive skills of leaders, teachers and family members have made a difference in making children feel at school even from home, enhancing the educational relationship and social-emotional learning. Thus it has been possible to guide the youngest, at different stages of life, to learn from difficulties and in emergency, without feeling frustrated or helpless.

Cue the latest contribution by Alfonso Molina's scientific director published in the Italian version of the HuffPost is the approval in the House of Representatives of the bill "for the prevention of school dropout through the experimental introduction of noncognitive skills in the teaching method."

La scuola funziona come una bussola

Questo dobbiamo fare, accompagnare i giovani nel viaggio della vita

di Alfonso Molina, HuffPost, 18 gennaio 2022

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