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The turials of "Insieme si riparte"

Insieme si riparte

The turials of "Insieme si riparte"

The turials of "Insieme si riparte"

The ten videos are produced as part of the Insieme si riparte project, a collaboration with INMI Lazzaro Spallanzani and the Lazio Region to counter the isolation of older people and guide them to use online health services.

Smartphone functionality and the Internet

Let's find out how to connect our cell phone to the Internet, how to use geolocation and activate an email account to send and receive documents.

How to download and use apps

Let's find out how to use basic cell phone functions: downloading apps, using Whatsapp, and relying on Google Maps to find pharmacies near us.

The "LazioDrCovid" application

Let's learn about the Lazio Region's telemedicine application.

What the "Immuni" app is and how it works

Let's find out about the app chosen by the government to counter the spread of the pandemic.

The "Where are U" app for 112 emergencies

Let's find out how to use the app in an emergency.

Spid for online services

What it is, how we activate our digital identity, and how we use it to access government portals..

The portal

How to access Lazio Region health services online

The benefits of the dematerialized prescription

What it is and how to use it.

Citizen services at

Citizen services just a click away! From the Recup system to online collection of medical records.


Let's find out how to stay updated on the vaccine campaign and book vaccine administration at

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