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Cristina Galfo

Cristina Galfo

Cristina Galfo

Computer science degree

Cristina Galfo is a coding teacher, web developer and coding content creator, with almost 20 years of teaching experience in public schools and various Academies. 

She collaborates with Argo Software for the dissemination of coding by realising courses for teachers and students.

He created the platform with the aim of delivering job-oriented courses, also at very convenient times for those who study or work. Among the various training proposals that the platform offers, we mention the courses: Front End Developer, Php, Vue, React, Python.

He also founded the blog to help students of all ages in the study of computer science.

She tries to spread coding to all students and one of her goals is to break down gender stereotypes in digital and close the gender gap.

She loves getting students excited about STEM subjects, trying to be a source of inspiration.

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