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Cybersecurity: The Human Factor

Hacker vs hacker

Cybersecurity: The Human Factor

Cybersecurity: The Human Factor

Ambizione Italia for Cybersecurity: Hacker vs. Hacker Challenge

According to the scenario outlined in the end-of-year report produced by CLUSIT, the Italian Association for IT security, there has been a surge in cyberattacks in our country, which have increased fourfold compared to the rest of the world. Italian victims were 9.6% of the total. Critical infrastructure, such as electricity grids and healthcare facilities, is increasingly being targeted. Our country is also in the crosshairs of hacktivism, in the context of ongoing international conflicts. Faced with the complexity of this scenario and the growing severity of the criminal acts, it is crucial both to develop a solid culture of IT security, as a social investment of collective interest, and to provide training to satisfy the growing demand for specialized figures: more than four million only in the cybersecurity.

We will delve deeper into the contours of the scenario with experts from the corporate and academic world on February 15th, at 11.00 am, at the Rome Campus Bio-Medico University, as part of the "Ambizione Italia for Cybersecurity" Programme, promoted by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale and Microsoft Italia. The final challenge of the "Hacker vs. Hacker" course will also be held at the event: a hacking challenge between secondary school students in Lazio to learn how to defend themselves from simple, but effective, cyberattacks.

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