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The Environment in the Constitution

Festival dello sviluppo sostenibile

The Environment in the Constitution

The Environment in the Constitution

Event promoted with TIM as part of the Sustainable Development Festival

Constitutional Bill N. 1 (February 11, 2022), which modified Articles 9 and 41 of the Italian Constitution, mark the significance of environmental safeguard, both in the part dedicated to fundamental principles and in the forecasts on so called economic Constitution. Similarly, the new Paragraph 3 of Art. 9 calls for the Republic (and therefore all national agencies) to “Safeguard the environment, biodiversity and ecosystems, even in the interest of the future generations,” providing a criterion for the general action of authorities towards the environment.

Students at the IIS Giorgi Woolf Innovation Gym in Rome will discuss this with Andrea Ferrazzi, Institutional Communications, Sustainability & Sponsorship for TIM, as well as one of the Senators who worked on the modifications. 

As part of the Festival of Sustainable Development, promoted by Asvis, on Tuesday, May 23, there will be an event dedicated to the Environment in the Constitution, organised by TIM at IIS Giorgi Woolf in Rome, seat of the Innovation Gym for Programme Smart & Heart Rome




  • Elena Tropea, School Administrator, IIS Giorgi Woolf, “School at the Core of Youth Education”
  • Luigi Di Marco, Secretary General, ASviS 
  • Alfonso Molina, Scientific Director, Fondazione Mondo Digitale, and Personal Chair in Technology Strategy, University of Edinburgh
  • A Debate between Andrea Ferrazzi, Institutional Communication, Sustainability & Sponsorship, TIM, and students in class 4E (ca. 80 students) on “The Constitution Opens Up to the Environment and the Future Generations.” Moderator: Cristina Sivieri Tagliabue (founder and Director, La Svolta)

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