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Sharing the Future

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Sharing the Future

Sharing the Future

Centennial of the CNR – National Research Council

It’s the centennial of the Italian National Research Council. Since 1923, the CNR has conducted scientific research in the main sectors interesting national development, promoting innovation, the internationalization of the research system and promoting the competitiveness of the national industrial system. In celebration of this important milestone, students in various high schools of Rome and Lazio will participate in an event.

In fact, the absolute protagonists of the event, organized with the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, will be students who will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with researchers and learn more about the progress and discoveries on mankind and our planet, environment and energy, robotics, life sciences, sustainability, clean energy, and artificial intelligence and the digital transition. Activities will be based on role modelling to create opportunities for students to discuss these topics with the researchers. The aim to provide students with positive models and transmit values and interests that may inspire them. 


10.00  Introduction and moderation: Marco Motta, RAI Journalist (Radio 3 Scienza)

10.10  Welcome

  • Maria Chiara Carrozza, President, CNR
  • Mirta Michilli, Director General, Fondazione Mondo Digitale

10.20  Robotics and the Sea

  • Massimo Caccia, CNR Researcher – Marine Engineering Institute, Genoa

    Student questions

    1.  A Genoma to Go
  • Teresa Colombo, CNR Researcher – Molecular Pathology and Biology Institute, Rome

Student questions

11.00  Chemistry and Materials for Clean Energy

  • Armida Torreggiani, Top CNR Researcher – Institute for Organic Synthesis and Photoreactivity, Bologna

Student questions


11.20  Mare Nostrum and of the Future Generations: Marine Science

Francesca Garaventa, Top CNR Researcher – Institute for the Study of the Anthropic Impact and Sustainability on Marine Environments, Genoa

Student questions


11.40  In the Realm of AI: A Look at Our Future

  • Sara Colantonio, CNR Researcher, Institute for Science and Information Technology, Pisa

Student questions


12.00  The Contribution of Research to the Digtial Transition:  Healthcare Case Study

  • Mario Ciampi, CNR Researcher, Institute for Computing, Networks and Advanced Performance

Student questions

12.20  Conclusions

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