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Actors of Sustainable Change

Energy Tech Summer Days

Actors of Sustainable Change

Actors of Sustainable Change

COde & fraME for Self Empowerment

Thanks to Project COde & fraME for Self-empowerment, students in Italian schools have been transformed into the protagonists of change for individual and collective sustainable growth. The students were given the opportunity to approach the concept of sustainability as a transversal value in their lives: from digital skills – working on coding and app creation – to transparent communication against fake news, thanks to a lab with AGI, to course on enterprise orientation. This allowed the students to acquire a new mentality that integrates scientific understanding, digital skills, environmental awareness and social values.


11.00 | Welcome

  • Monica Lucarelli, Security Policy, Productive Activities and Equal Opportunities Councillor - TBC
  • Alessandro Piperno, Director, Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti

Introduction: Mirta Michilli, Director General, Fondazione Mondo Digitale

Moderator: Isabella Ceccarini, Rinnovab Journalist

11.30 | Energy Transition, Digital and Innovative Tools: How the World of School and Work Are Changing 

  • Alessandra Fidanzi, Coordinator, Digital Factory & Centre of Excellence, ENI

11.35 | Finalist Projects

  • Domenica Surace, Head of Impact Assessment, Monitoring & Reporting, ENI Joule
  • Alessandra Accogli, Cofounder and CEO, Sinergy Flow
  • Raffaele Nacchiero, CEO, AraBat

Presentation by five student team leaders

11.50 | Announcement of Winner and Special Mentions

12.00 | Conclusions

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