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The Edu4AI Model at TeleXbe

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The Edu4AI Model at TeleXbe

The Edu4AI Model at TeleXbe

The international conference opens today in Vieste

Starting today, Pizzomunno (Vieste) will host the third edition of Technology Enhanced Learning Environments for Blended Education (teleXbe) 2022, an event organised by the University of Foggia in hybrid modality (June 10-11).

The international conference brings together researchers, professionals, developers and entrepreneurs to address the challenges and progress made in the field. The event is the result of the collaboration with the “Federico II” University of Naples and the fusion of two international conferences on educational psychology (PsychoBit - 4th ed. and TeleXbe – 3rd ed.) to explore all the latest trends in terms of educational models applied to digital technology.

The objective of the third workshop, which has collected contributions from many foreign scholars, is to focus on scientific knowledge and methodological practices that can be applied specifically to projects and the development technology to support learning processes.

This morning’s session on "New Frontiers: AI, AR and Serious Games for Education" will include a contribution from the partnership of European Project Edu4AI entitled: Artificial Intelligence in Secondary Education: the Edu4AI Paradigm.

Speakers include: Konstantina Geramani and George Ioannidis from IN2 Digital Innovations GmbH, project lead partner, and Annaleda Mazzucato and Ilaria Gaudiello from the Fondazione Mondo Digitale.

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