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An Evening in the Metaverse

visori Oculus Quest

An Evening in the Metaverse

An Evening in the Metaverse

Experimenting with the Oculus Quest visor at Binario F

On Wednesday, July 20, a small delegation from the Fondazione Mondo Digitale participated in the summer fest at Binario F, the Facebook facility dedicated to the development of digital skills. Besides providing an opportunity to catch up with everyone after a long time, the evening also served to explore new physical spaces at the hub and discover the metaverse with Meta Quest 2 visors.

A visit to Machu Picchu and then a work meeting in London? Yes, with a visor you can!


Mirta Michilli esplora il sito di Machu Picchu in Perù


Alberta Testa partecipa a una riunione in un ambiente virtuale con avatar

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