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We use new digital technologies as a social accelerator, to fuel growth, well-being, productivity and competitiveness, convinced that an innovative ecosystem is a value for all, from citizens to businesses.

La Palestra offers training days and targeted workshops to train strategic skills, such as problem solving or team building. For companies, universities, public, private and non-profit organisations. Professionals, craftsmen, artists, entrepreneurs, creatives etc. find tailor-made workshops and laboratories. For homogeneous groups also 'on demand' training.

In recent years, we have involved public health professionals (surgeons, specialists in hygiene, epidemiology and public health, occupational medicine and workplace safety, forensic medicine, preventive medicine, health statistics, and biologists, prevention technicians in the environment and workplace, and health care assistants) in training courses aimed at providing the tools needed to design new solutions, but also to develop the skills needed to effectively communicate one's profession on the Web. Managers from well-known companies experimented with innovative learning methodologies within the different digital environments of the Palestra, while some of their employees took part in workshops for personal, relational and organisational alignment.

Universities also played a leading role, collaborating with us on training sessions dedicated to the topic of leadership.



The mini-course offered 24 professionals, selected by the SItI, experiential training on some frontier technological developments to support scientific research and the improvement of hygiene services, be they awareness, prevention or organisation and delivery. A concrete tool to design innovative solutions that make services more resilient, accessible and effective.

The first edition was characterised by three intensive appointments - each consisting of two consecutive training days - held between December 2018 and February 2019 at the Innovation Gymnasium. An opportunity to experience specific training for public health professionals in digital learning environments, with immersive and automation tools, and to explore the potential of digital technologies in disease prevention and treatment. The programme was drawn up by the CME scientific officer, Prof. Carlo Signorelli, Professor of Hygiene and Public Health and, for the digital part, Prof. Alfonso Molina, Personal Chair in Technology Strategy, University of Edinburgh, and scientific director of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale. The Digital Academy was realised with the unconditional support of MSD ITALIA srl. Each thematic session was associated with a practical workshop for the contextualisation and application of the technologies presented (including vaccination registries and disease registries). The high-tech environments of the Innovation Gymnasium (including an immersive and virtual reality lab, a digital fabrication lab, and a robotics and IoT lab) enabled participants to learn about concrete applications of technologies in public health, as well as to try their hand at devising innovative services and applications in their fields of interest. The course concluded with a creative development marathon to communicate the value of vaccinations. Supporting the joint work was the Lego Serious Play methodology led by Cecilia Stajano, Lego Serious Play Trained LSP facilitator and coordinator of the school innovation sector.

The second edition took place between December 2019 and January 2020 and gave the participants the opportunity to develop the ideas that emerged in the first experimentation, offering them an extra opportunity to learn about the practical application of frontier technologies (AI, IoT, immersive reality, blockchain) for the improvement of public health services. A first day of theoretical preparation was followed by a second workshop of research and prototyping in which the foundations were laid for the future development of original working products. The 26 participants, all health professionals, were guided by experienced trainers and coaches.



As part of the "FMD Wagon. From 01 to 100", the programme promoted since October 2018 within Binario F - Facebook's space in Rome dedicated to the development of digital skills -, a training course in five meetings on the careful and conscious use of social media and digital media reserved for MSD employees. From 3 June to 12 July 2019, the resources of the pharmaceutical company's area managers and ISFs took part in "Job Future", discovering how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram in a professional manner, and delving into aspects related to promoting one's business through sponsorship campaigns. From effective digital communication to the functionalities of the different social networking platforms: theoretical and practical tips for content marketing in the medical-scientific and pharmaceutical consigli teorici e pratici per il content marketing in ambito medico-scientifico e farmaceutico.

ADVANCING HUMANITYAt the Palestra dell'Innovazione, two days of intensive training for 18 managers of The Adecco Group, "the most important multibrand HR consultancy and solutions platform for the world of work, which includes search and selection services, training, organisational consultancy, headhunting, temporary and permanent employment, outsourcing and outplacement solutions". The course 'Advancing Humanity. The disruptive approach of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale" was realised within the different digital environments of the Palestra, from the Robotic Center to the Immersive Lab, and made use of innovative learning methodologies such as MTA Learning and original tools such as the Personal Ecosystem Canvass. The training appointment was developed by Alfonso Molina.


Two days of workshops for personal, relational and organisational alignment for 15 Enel employees with different professional profiles. The first day took place in the different learning environments of the Palestra, from the Robotic Lab to the Activity Centre, with various team building and problem solving activities, and the exploration of immersive tools. Among the methodologies used were MTa Learning and Lego Serious Play. The second day included a discussion session with the Personal Ecosystem Canvas tool, and a digital fabrication session in the fab lab for the creation of a shared company totem. This was followed by Job Shadowing, to allow young people to choose their mentor in the company, observe and learn the working method, business meeting management, and exercise leadership.

CULTURAL LEADERSHIPIn 2017, the University of RomaTre and the University of Groningen (University of Groningen, Netherlands) started a collaboration with the Fondazione Monda Digitale for the master's degree Cultural Leadership: Carrying Culture into the Future. The initiative also included a meeting dedicated to the topic of 'Cultural Leadership' at the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (Koninklijk Nederlands Instituut Rome, Knir) by Alfonso Molina.


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