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The Health of Adolescents

Fattore J a Napoli

The Health of Adolescents

The Health of Adolescents

Factor J: Session in Naples with experts from the Fondazione Pro

The Health Behaviour in School-aged Children – Behaviour connected to School-aged Children Study also addresses the issue of  sexual health. According to the data analysed by HBSC, 43% of 17-year-olds said they had had complete sexual intercourse (42.5% male and 43.6% female). Out of these, 63% of those who had complete sexual intercourse said they used a condom as a contraceptive and 15.9% the pill, while 12.6% declared they used emergency contraception.

In last Tuesday's session, students from four classes at IIS Francesco Saverio Nitti in Naples, coordinated by teacher Marina Minestrini, discussed sexual health and cancer prevention with Barbara Vecchione from the Fondazione Pro, a Factor J partner, and with the doctor Luigi Cirillo (urologist).

Following the introductory part on the fundamental topics of prevention, ample space was given to student questions. “The focus of the meeting was undoubtedly on the results of the previous week’s questionnaire and questions concerning both prostate cancer and HPV, symptoms and methods of self-examination and medical checks, as well as familiarity with oncological diseases and sexually transmitted diseases, which Dr. Luigi Cirillo answered in an exhaustive way,” explains local coordinator, Giovanna Ferrara. "The meeting revealed how little teenagers know about their bodies and how essential the presence of a doctor is to answer their questions".


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