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Laura’s “Revolutionary Society”

Ambassador della salute all'IIS

Laura’s “Revolutionary Society”

Laura’s “Revolutionary Society”

The Factor J Ambassador speaks about her state exam experience

“I believe in science and our future. As youth we are the future of society, and we have to transform it into an integrated and informed society without any distinctions. The Fondazione Mondo Digitale is the foundation that reflects our principles, a job and passion that is inclusive in all aspects, fair and collaborative.”

We can imagine Laura Malaggese’s determination in taking her state exam at IIS San Benedetto in Cassino. This year she attended Class 5L and for three years participated actively in Factor J, a project promoted with Janssen, becoming an ambassador

For her PCTO course, Laura prepared a short presentation that she shared with us and the entire project network. “The project helped me feel more self-assured and aware of my capabilities. It has helped me feel part of a future that depends on us: not as a dreamy adolescent, but as a woman with a voice and competences.”

Laura’s presentation ended with thanks to the exam committee, but not only. “Thank you for your attention and especially to Prof. Giovanna Russo who was our homeroom teacher and fan. I would like to thank her for giving us such an opportunity. I would also like to thank Professors Paliotta, Casale, and Napolitano who have always believed in us and have helped us through many activities. Finally, I would like to thank our Head mistress. And thank you to Factor J and the speakers who believed in us to give a voice in this revolutionary society.”

And thank you to Laura for having shared this and your precious contribution to a “revolutionary society!”

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