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PARI Stories

PARI Stories

What are the expectations of migrants? Integration and work

During the entertainment, information, and awareness-raising activities managed by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale as part of Project P.A.R.I., promoted by the Abruzzo Region, the local coordinators Guido Ramini and Lisa Di Bello have conceived and implemented various initiatives on the topics of digital citizenship, "on-life," and the fight against discrimination. And they have involved foreign citizens, who attend civic-linguistic training courses in various regional CPIAs, also telling their stories.

The result is these "PARI stories" which in a few seconds convey the richness of life of the protagonists originating from various countries. The focus of the seventh story are the expectations of migrants arriving in Italy. For Ali Sajid (Pakistan) and Yazmin (Venezuela), integration and work are the most important. 


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