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Participatory Democracy

Participatory Democracy

Participatory Democracy

In yesterday’s edition, the Giornale di Sicilia daily reported once again on Vincenzo Polizzi [see news: Brain Drain?] and his app, Monumenta, that has been adopted by the Council of Burgio (Agrigento).


The municipality is promoting other participatory democracy initiatives, involving citizens in the choice of actions addressing the common interest.


The town of Burgio has started some interesting projects to promote local heritage and activities, to ensure the best enjoyment of our area and to improve the road system. In 2018, at the Rome Council Hall, Vincenzo Polizzi, 22 years old and from Canicattì presented Project “Monumenta” that was selected by the Global Junior Challenge promoted by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, as one of the best projects (over 90 from 16 countries) employing technology to bring innovation and inclusion to the fields of education and training. The project concerns Burgio, the twon for which Mr. Polizzi developed an app that guides tourists to our monuments and natural beauties via geolocation services.


Burgio, scelti i lavori proposti dai cittadini

Giornale di Sicilia, March 9, 2020

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