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Promoting Inclusion at School


Promoting Inclusion at School

Promoting Inclusion at School

The Eurydice Report and European Project Joinclusion

The latest report from the Eurydice Network, Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Schools in Europe, which is now available online, compares the policies and measures existing at a national level to combat inequalities and discrimination at school in 39 European education systems.

The report highlights student "categories" that are more likely to suffer disadvantages or discrimination. Above all, this includes pupils with migratory backgrounds and/or who have special educational needs or disabilities. Despite many efforts made to ensure greater equality and inclusion at school, there is still much to be done. And it is precisely in such complex contexts that the approach developed by the partnership of European Project JOINclusion, which proposes a playful approach, proves invaluable. A serious game allows students to play collaboratively by exploring scenarios designed in collaboration with psychologists to train empathy and strengthen social behaviour. The classroom testing of the game involves students aged 7-12, while the training course is open to all teachers.

With JOINclusion, the European project conceived in collaboration by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering at the University of Maastricht, the Natural and Artificial Cognition Lab at the “Federico II” University of Naples, and Odyssea Academy Greece, we help teachers to develop the competences necessary to design inclusive learning environments and create new game scenarios to use in class.

Teachers with students aged 7-12 can experiment with the tools developed by JOINclusion by filling out the on-line application.

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