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RomeCup AI Labs

Edu4AI: developing a didactic application for schools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the emerging technologies that is profoundly changing our society, economy and labour market. Some of the best-known applications of AI are self-driving vehicles, chatbots, vocal assistants and search engines. The objective of Project Edu4AI – “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Foster 21st Century Skills in Secondary Education, implemented as part of the European Erasmus+ Programme (Strategic Partnerships), is to develop a good national and European level practice for AI education in schools and guide youth to an conscientious use of data and technology through experimental, experiential and collaborative activities.

The partnership, led by In2 Digital Innovations GmbH, involves seven organisations from four countries: Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain. At RomeCup, the project will hold labs for teachers to introduce school AI courses, explain AI in a simple and interactive manner, and test theoretical and methodological, technological and applicational aspects.

Claudio Capobianco, Engineer and Professor of IT at the Guglielmo Marconi School in Civitavecchia, is one of the coaches who held the labs at Sapienza University of Rome. He teaches his students to use AI as a tool to solve problems efficiently.


The 15th edition of RomeCup has the patronage of the City of Rome and is organised with the support, as partners, of the Regione LazioLazio InnovaSAPEniFondazione Lars Magnus Ericsson; the technical support of Make a Shape; in collaboration with Edu4AI, a project  co-financed by the European Erasmus+ Programme.

The full programme is available on-line at:



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