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Students as Protagonists of Sustainable Change

Evento finale di COde & fraME for Self Empowerment

Students as Protagonists of Sustainable Change

Students as Protagonists of Sustainable Change

Final event at the “Casa delle tecnologie emergenti”

Yesterday, the Casa delle tecnologie emergenti in Rome hosted the final event of the third edition of COde & fraME for Self-empowerment, the course developed thanks to the alliance between the Fondazione Mondo Digitale and ENI for an Energy Tech School capable of developing digital, scientific, and enterprise skills, and social and environmental sustainability.

The project has involved over 2000 young men and women in coding, energy fact-checking (with AGI) and reframing activities to develop a fair and sustainable future, in which professional growth will not imply gender discrimination, and preserve the environment for everyone. In the 2022 edition, in conclusion to the course on enterprise orientation, a group of students participated in an on-line “Mini Joule” session, a simulation of idea validation with the support of Raffaele Nacchiero and Leonardo Renna, founder of the innovative AraBat start-up, which is part of the ecosystem of Joule, ENI’s enterprise school. The start-uppers presented their experience to students and launched a sustainability challenge that the students faced in small groups. In particular, each team elaborated a small, original, sustainable enterprise project and developed a presentation pitch.

The five finalists addressed the challenge with brilliant solutions. WALLE by IIS Alessandro Volta in Caltanissetta presented an app to book electronic refuse pickups towards recycling stations. BIO-CHARGE by the Istituto superiore Galileo Galilei in Gorizia proposed the development (in various points throughout Italy) of eco-sustainable and economically advantageous charging stations for electric vehicles powered by solar panels and energy produced through the decomposition of organic refuse. LET'S Be GREEN by the liceo statale Paolo Emilio Imbriani in Avellino planned national days for eco-sustainability with inclusive challenges on social networks. SMART BINS by ITI Galileo Ferraris in Naples aims to develop smart dumpsters equipped with sensors to recognize waste to recycle. The objective of the winning project is the local emergency. Based on the fires that have ravaged hectares of farming land and biodiversity in the Carso area, the Liceo Scientifico Duca degli Abruzzi in Gorizia proposed “IN VINO SOLIDARITAS” for use of viticulture waste to recondition the areas ravaged by fire.

CO.ME.SE, launched at RomeCup 2022, with a role modelling  session for schools, has involved over 2000 second-degree secondary school students, ca. 100 students in enterprise orientation, and 21 students as team leaders in the “Mini Joule”.

All the schools involved in the project were present, either in-presence or remotely. The debate, moderated by Isabella Ceccarini (, featured  Mirta Michilli, Director General, Fondazione Mondo Digitale; Alessandro Piperno, Programme Director, Casa delle tecnologie emergenti in Rome; Alessandra Fidanzi, Head of Digital Factory & Centre of Excellence, ENI; Domenica Surace, Head of Impact Assessment, Monitoring & Reporting at Joule, the ENI Enterprise School; Alessandra Accogli, Cofounder and CEO, Sinergy Flow; Raffaele Nacchiero, CEO, AraBat.

“Project CO.ME.SE addresses youth, the so-called Gen Z, to promote the natural proclivity of youth social change and to acquire skills related to sustainability and digital tools. How? By involving them in specific training actions that will transform them into change activists and allow them to face the great challenges of our day: the digital and environmental transition,” declared Mirta Michilli.

Alessandro Piperno commented: “This space is an enterprise accelerator that allows students and innovators to develop their ideas with major universities in Rome and make their projects come true. These alliances reveal that there are many opportunities to achieve everyone’s dreams.”

The event ended with a message from Undersecretary to the Environment and Energy Security Claudio Barbaro: “The world of work and that of knowledge have always been interested in issues such as environmental sustainability. We believe in a system in which intermediate organisations, professions, and trade categories contribute to the growth of the country through efficient interaction with governmental institutions for a common outlook of wellbeing and the safeguard of the interests – even immaterial – that compose the complex Italian adventure and which inspire us daily to promote our primacy, protecting and promoting local communities, human health, growth, our heritage, biodiversity, and the responsible use of resources, sustainable development.”




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