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Teacher Training

formazione dei docenti alla Palestra dell'Innovazione

Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Alfonso Molina speaks at the National Teacher Training Days organised by the University of Foggia

On September 17-19, the University of Foggia will host the National Teacher Training Days promoted with the patronage of the Conference of Italian University Rectors (CRUI) at Foggia and Vieste. 

FMD Scientific Director Alfonso Molina will speak at the opening day with a contribution entitled "Teacher Training in the Programme of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale".

The event will alternate plenary and parallel sessions as follows:

  • Parallel Session 1: Reforming Teacher Recruitment
  • Parallel Session 2: New Trends for Initial and Continuous Training
  • Parallel Session 3: Teaching and Learning Centres and University Training Centres
  • Parallel Session 4: Experiences and Research on Methodological and Didactic Competencies
  • Parallel Session 5: Studies and Research on Evaluation

On September 19, in Foggia, Italian Education Minister Bianchi will participate in the final plenary session.

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