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Training on Vacation

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Training on Vacation

Training on Vacation

Opportunities with “Ambizione Italia for Work” Microsoft

Only 9.6% of adults aged 25-64 participate in training activities. And yet lifelong learning is fundamental for high-quality, safe and gratifying work, as well as playing a crucial role in the economic recovery and digital transformation.

Vacation is the perfect time to learn about new issues and useful content to improve our competences, create new professional opportunities, and ramp up our digital skills.

Programme Ambizione Italia for Work, promoted with Microsoft, presents three professional courses to improve soft skills and enterprise projects, and two specialistic courses.

The courses are available on demand. Participants can access the content on the FMD Academy Platform at any time and take course as best suited to one’s needs and personal commitments. The courses are also useful to prepare for recognized LinkedIn and Microsoft certifications, an opportunity to improve one’s professional profile and employment opportunities.

Three Courses for Everyone

  • Social Media Marketing - The course is conceived for participants who want to try a new profession and develop and efficient web presence through social media.
  • Project Management – an increasingly requested professional profile as a “catalyser of change.” The course explains how to manage a project and what hard and soft skills are required by a project manager.
  • Enterprise

    This course helps transform ideas into reality in various phases: from business ideas to funding. It’s an opportunity to test a project and learn about strategic digital tools for the project.   

Two Specialistic Courses

  • Power Platform – From data analysis and the development of solutions to the automation of processes and virtual agent creation. The course explains how to efficiently address the challenges of the digital age.
  • Fundamentals of Azure – an introduction to cloud technology, with a focus on complexity and exploitation of on-prem technology, to achieve Microsoft AZ900 certification.

Exploit the opportunity to rest on vacation and prepare for your future job! Ambizione Italia will accompany you anywhere in your process of personal and professional growth.

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