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A Turbo Career

Why obtain a Microsoft Certification: three opinions

Individuals who obtain certifications have greater bargaining power on the Italian job market, but also on the international level, if the course is recognized internationally.  And the chances of finding a job are even greater if the skills update concerns the IT sector. These are the characteristics of projects Ambizione Italia for Work and Ambizione Italia for Cybersecurity, promoted with Microsoft, which provide specialized courses that have allowed many young people to obtain free professional certification, especially the Power Platform course on data analysis, solution development, process automation, and creation of virtual agents. With Azure Fundamentals, following an introduction to cloud technology, the course delves into the complexity and methods of coexistence with current on-prem technologies, for Microsoft AZ900 certification.

Courses are held on-demand. You can access course content on the Academy Platform at any time to learn at the pace that best suits your personal needs and commitments.

What are the advantages of these certifications? According to Microsoft, the certifications “provide proof of skills concerning digital tools and the cloud, at a global level, that are advantageous to companies seeking business partnerships with Microsoft.” Moreover, the certifications also lead to increased productivity and the professional level of services. What are the advantages for individual workers? Here are the answers of three young IT workers who assessed the experience for us.

Antonio Baldi, 25, recent IT graduate at the University of Salerno and IT consultant: “thanks to the Ambizione Italia for Cybersecurity course, I was able to obtain the Microsoft Sc200 certification, taking advantage of one of the services that the company offers for security, such as the Microsoft Defender 365 suite. I learned to use the infrastructure support and development services that are very useful with the work I am doing today in my professional sector. Exam requirements include an intermediate knowledge of IT. For example, you at least need to know what a log is …  I recommend first choosing the course best suited to your profile."

Leonardo Acquaroli, 23, data science student, points out: “with the Ambizione Italia for Work Programme, I was able to obtain the AZ 900 certification and increase my skills in cloud computing with a particular focus on Azure, one of the most popular providers in the world. It's a digital skill that I believe can really make a difference in the working world."

Giorgio Fontana, 23, mechanical engineering student: “I had the opportunity to take and successfully obtain the Microsoft AI 900 Certification as part of Ambizione Italia for Work. I chose this specialization because I believe that it is essential to know the basics of artificial intelligence and its related uses, both in professional and non-professional fields. It wa salso interesting, amongst other things, because it doesn't require much prior knowledge; in fact, exhaustive material in the form of handouts is available to those attending the course."

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