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In Vino Solidaritas: an eco-regenerative project

Evento finale di COde & fraME for Self Empowerment

In Vino Solidaritas: an eco-regenerative project

In Vino Solidaritas: an eco-regenerative project

The team of seven researchers from the school in Gorizia wins the COde&FraME for Self-empowerment Challenge

Over 3700 hectares of land were ravaged by fire on the Carso: 92% of the forest and 194,000 cubic meters of biomass in Italy and Slovenia were destroyed. This is the damage estimated by the University of Udine for last summer’s fires in this area. The assessment was carried out by using satellite data that allows an analysis over vast portions of territory in great detail [see: Oltre 3700 ettari di bosco andati a fuoco sul Carso].


And this was the starting point for the seven young “researchers” in Class 3B at the Liceo scientifico Duca degli Abruzzi in Gorizia: Elia ComandFernando FeoliGiorgia MedeotChiara Roberta MazzaEmma RattàPietro Rizzatto and Amelia Romano.


For the final challenge of COde&FraME for Self-empowerment, the original course developed with ENI, the students developed Project In vino solidaritas to use the waste of viticultural production to regenerate the land ravaged by fires on the Carso. The team took first place and also earned a mention as "Best performer" at Mini Joule [see news: Students as Protagonists of Sustainable Change].



In total, the students participating in the enterprise acceleration course developed 21 project proposals that were evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Pitch (problem, solution, market, competitive scenario, business model, roadmap, team, fundraising)
  • Project coherence to one or more SDGs
  • Content
  • Originality
  • Style/design 

The projects were evaluated by the ENI Joule Team as well as FMD Scientific Director Alfonso Molina and Coach Elisa Chierchiello


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