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Work Orientation for Migrants

Progetto Per.Se.O. alla Palestra dell'Innovazione

Work Orientation for Migrants

Work Orientation for Migrants

Project Per.Se.O.: a course at the Innovation Gym with the Address Association

Last months of activity for Project Per.Se.O. – Courses, Services, Orientation for Social and Work Inclusion of International Protection Recipients (Fami Fund, 2014-2020) that will conclude at the end of the year. The Fondazione Mondo Digitale has collaborated with Roman Association Address, a project partner, to develop the course that involved 14 migrants (women and men with a living permit for political asylum or subsidiary protection, who have not been out of the reception circuit for more than 18 months).

The 25-hour digital literacy programme was held by Coach Lara Forgione, 3D model designer at the Innovation Gym in Rome.

Here is a short video with the experiences of two participants – Obay and Rita – both of Syrian origin, and Giuseppe Maccauro, President of Address.




  • Computer – Mobile Devices
    Internal composition (differences between hardware and software). Managing device files, folders, and applications. Using the search function. Managing the control panel and smartphone/tablet settings. Practical exercises. 
  • Internet
    Using and understanding the Internet, browsers, basic and advanced searches, saving files locally (see Module I). Practical exercises.
  • Accounts
    How to create an account. E-mail addresses (how they work, how to use them, similarities and differences with a real mailbox). Cloud (provided by account or extra). Writing tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Practical exercises.
  • Writing Tools
    How to use Word and templates, using Excel spreadsheets and models, creating PowerPoint presentations and templates. Importance of pdf files. Other formats: txt, jpeg, png, zip. Practical exercises. 
  • Looking for a Job
    Preparing a curriculum and presentation letter. How to look for work and apply. Platforms. Practical exercises.
  • Social Media
    Differences, use, main objectives of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn). Practical exercises. 
  • Web Threats
    Being aware on-line, recognising frauds, avoiding malware, understanding cookies, looking for reliable news Practical exercises.

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