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Collegamenti Digitali

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Collegamenti Digitali

Collegamenti Digitali

A new project with the support of the “Fondazione di Comunità Milano”

CollegaMenti digitali was selected as part of the second edition of the Fondazione di Comunità Milano  Call 57  and has been developed by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale (FMD) with IIS Falcone-Righi in Corsico and the City of Milan.



CollegaMenti digitali” is promoted by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale (FMD) with IIS Falcone-Righi in Corsico and the City of Milan and developed with support from Fondazione di Comunità Milano – Città, Sud Ovest, Sud Est, Martesana onlus.


The project aims to boost schools through the development in Milan’s southwestern suburbs of a Phyrtual Innovation Gym, an open educational environment dedicated to lifelong learning.



  • Enhance suburbs;
  • Promote the FMD Phyrtual Innovation Gym model and the role of the educational community in contrasting phenomena such as educational poverty and school dropouts;
  • Create physical and virtual areas dedicated to experiential learning and innovation;
  • Introduce teachers to custom-tailored and interesting didactic activities;
  • Promote the development of digital and transversal skills amongst youth;
  • Promote an open and inclusive school.



The project entails the design, development and opening of a Phyrtual Innovation Gym at IIS Falcone Righi in Corsico.

From the Robotics Lab to the Digital Manufacturing Lab, the environments will be co-developed with the school’s digital coaches, while machinery and devices will be on free loan throughout the duration of the project for the school and the community.

Activities will be open to students and teachers from all local schools. Specific workshops will be organised for university students, start-uppers and coaches. The collected documentation will be used to develop multimedia guidelines to orient teachers, but also drive future projects in other educational contexts. The guidelines, in fact, will be distributed with the support of the City of Milan to all high schools.


Schools will open up to citizens through the organisation of events that promote the work of students, innovating teachers and administrators and bring together families, bridging the worlds of education and innovation. Common work sessions with students, citizens and professionals will help focus on new technology as a tool to face common challenges to improve the life quality of the community.

RomeCup, the FMD event dedicated to Robotics and Innovation, will provide a venue to present the best projects.


  • 1 Phyrtual Innovation Gym
  • 60 trained teachers
  • 24 trainers
  • 560 trained students
  • 100 high schools in the metropolitan area of Milan will receive the “CollegaMenti digitali” Guidelines
  • 1350 citizens involved in digital literacy events
  • Over 12,000 individuals reached on-line.

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