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Creative Day

Final appointment for the second edition of Project Roll Cloud – Working in the Cloud, the innovative course that introduces secondary school students in Piedmont to scenarios, professions and skills...

Vagone FMD

The Metaverse for Health

New horizons for the training of healthcare personnel, therapies for mental illnesses, and healthcare at home are three of the main experiments conducted in the metaverse in terms of science...

Sessione di Lego Serious Play

Sustainability Creathon

On December 20, the Innovation Gym at IIS Carlo Urbani in Ostia will host a creative marathon for schools, associations and local actors to co-design the digital and sustainable transformation...

Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti

CO.ME.SE. Final Event

Thanks to Project COde & fraME for Self-empowerment, students in Italian schools have been transformed into the protagonists of change for individual and collective sustainable growth. The students were given...

Invito evento di Natale

Christmas Party 2022

The Fondazione Mondo Digitale community is about to receive an invitation to our Christmas Party to celebrate a year of work together. Let’s review our achievements and hint at what...

Vagone FMD nel metaverso

The Metaverse for Universities

A new didactic experience based on the Metaverse is a tour fingertips. Someone has called it the Eduverse. Infact, according to “The whole new world: education meets the metaverse” (Center...

Vagone FMD nel metaverso

The Metaverse for Cultural Activities

The Metaverse is a great opportunity for cultural activities. It can be used to promote museums, develop new languages and to introduce new audiences to our artistic and cultural heritage...

Vagone FMD nel metaverso

Music in the Metaverse

Music and the Metaverse have begun to interweave inextricably. We are facing an epochal transformation: musical theme parks and custom-tailored experiences for fans and their favourite artists. And these are...

Evento Coding Girls

Coding Girls for a Fairer and Securer Future

Coding Girls, the educational programme developed to help orient young women in their studies and future professions by training with STEM subjects has reached its ninth edition thanks to a...

Fattore J

More Trust, More Health, More Future

On Monday, November 28 (11:00), the Fondazione Mondo Digital and Janssen Italia will hold an event to present the third edition of Factor J, the project that aims to change...

Convegno Didattiche.2022


This two-day event addresses teachers, school administrators, pedagogists, educators and anyone who works in the context of schools. The conference will provide an opportunity to reflect on the many meanings...

Fashion Digital Night

Young Fashion Talents

The event, promoted in collaboration with the Permanent Commission for Tourism, Fashion and International Relations of the City of Rome and the Rome “Accademia delle Belle Arti,” will be held...