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All Digital Summit in Prague

All Digital Summit a Praga

All Digital Summit in Prague

All Digital Summit in Prague

Shaping Digital transformation with and for All

The Vzlet Centre in Prague is currently hosting the 15th All Digital Summit (Sept. 28-30) dedicated to “Shaping Digital Transformation with and for All”. The event will concentrate on the effects of digital transformation in various groups and sectors of society, its impact on culture, on innovation on education and how digital skills (but not only) can help individuals, with a key focus on the new generations. The summit brings together over 150 policymakers, agencies working on digital education, coaches and educators, as well as representatives of civil society and industry, amongst others.

The event is organised by All Digital, an association working for inclusion and digital empowerment that represents the most important European networks working with new technology. Today, the Fondazione Mondo Digitale will be following the event on-line via the YouTube Channel where the videos of the first two days are available.

The All Digital Summit has been organised by the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Ivan Bartoš, Czech Deputy Prime Minister for Digitalization and Minister of Regional Development, has been invited by EPMA and All Digital has the honour of hosting his opening speech. The Deputy Prime Minister has turned to the Czech experience in bridging the digital skills divide and underlined: “In today’s world, the role and importance of digitalization are on the rise. Citizens – and especially youth – must be prepared for this digital transformation. This is the European Year of Youth. I believe youth are the key for technological society and the development of a better future.”

Altheo Valentini, President of All Digital, added: “We need more initiatives and actions to guarantee that digital transformation will not widen the gaps existing in our society. We need to identify solutions that will involve even those individuals who are on the other side of the digital divide.”