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Interland is an online game designed to help children learn, through four different experiences, fundamental lessons related to web safety. Created with the help of digital safety development experts, the game is suitable for all ages, but is especially suitable for children ages 6 to 13. It is free and accessible at [see press release and partner statements].

Here are the four experiences that make up the game, part of Vivi Internet, al meglio, project promoted with Google.

The River of Reality - Learn to distinguish the real from the fake.

The river that runs through Interland flows between reality and fiction. But things are not always as they seem. Overcome the rapids using common sense. Watch out for cheating "phishers" lurking in the water. They will try to trick you. To reach the other side, answer the questions on each platform correctly. Learning objectives include:

    Distinguish true from false

    Recognize the signs of a scam

    Understand what phishing is and how to report it.

Treasure Tower: Guard your personal information.

In the Treasure Tower you can secure your valuables. Lose the hackers or they will steal your messages and identity. Start by collecting messages and emails that contain personal information and secure them in the tower. Learning objectives include:

    Taking responsibility for guarding your personal information.

    How to create a secure password that is easy to remember.

The Courteous Kingdom - Spread Kindness.

Being kind is great! The atmosphere of a place is always contagious, for better or worse. In the city's most cheerful neighborhood troublemakers are spreading negativity. Block and flag the troublemakers to stop their advance and be kind to other Internet users so that peace reigns again. Get to the top by spreading positive vibes and blocking negative ones. Learning objectives include:

    The Web amplifies kindness and negativity. Learn to use the Internet to spread positive messages.

    Do not tolerate intimidation; when in doubt, it is best to speak up.

Mt. Responsible - Use technology with common sense.

The mountain town of Interland is the place to meet and chat with other residents. But you have to be very careful about what you share and with whom. Information travels fast, and among those you know is a chatterbox who shares unchecked. Bounce posts off mirrors and get them to the right Internet user. Learning objectives include:

    Pay attention to what you share and with whom. Being aware of the consequences of sharing certain information.

    Understand that some information is extra sensitive.



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