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Interland. Board Game

Interland. Gioco da tavolo

Interland. Board Game

Interland. Board Game

A board game inspired by the video game Interland to develop at school and in the family the skills needed to become responsible and aware citizens of the Internet, in an enjoyable and fun way for different generations. This is the new proposal that Fondazione Mondo Digitale and Google are dedicating to children and preadolescents aged 6 to 14 as part of the project Live the Internet, at its best.

The game is developed in four experiential paths in the "Kingdoms of Interland"

    The River of Reality - Learn to distinguish true from false.

    The Treasure Tower - Guard your personal information.

    The Courteous Kingdom - Spread kindness.

    The Responsible Mount - Use technology with common sense.

By exploring the Kingdoms of Interland, young players learn proper Web behaviors, identify risks and opportunities, and develop a mindful attitude to make the Web a nicer place for everyone to live.

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