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Introduction to Azure. Fundamentals for AZ900 certification

Introduzione ad Azure. Fondamenti per la certificazione AZ900
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Introduction to Azure. Fundamentals for AZ900 certification

Introduction to Azure. Fundamentals for AZ900 certification

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The course introduces participants to cloud technology, delving into its complexities and how to coexist with current on-prem technologies, with the aim of achieving Microsoft AZ900 certification.

Starting with an overview of the physical components of a computer, we define the different types of cloud computing services IaaS, SaaS, PaaS and the services the cloud offers: virtual machines, scalability sets, storage, VPNs, Containers and more.

We familiarise ourselves with Powershell, a cross-platform task automation solution consisting of a command line shell, scripting language and configuration management framework that runs in Windows, Linux and macOS.

The final two meetings are dedicated exclusively to Microsoft certifications, to understand how they can be useful in the working world.

We will explore the material Microsoft makes available to prepare for certification exams as well as other useful platforms. We will look specifically at what topics are required for the AZ900 certification and how best to prepare for it.

The course modules:

Module 1 - Before you start: familiarising yourself with the concepts

  • Introduction to the world of computers and the cloud with brainstorming sessions and sharing of prerequisites.
  • Mention of the difference between Stand Alone, Client and Server computers and the various types of operating systems.

Module 2 - Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • Introduction to the concept of cloud computing and farms
  • Key cloud concepts
  • Cloud types compared

Module 3 - Azure and its services

  • Insight into the resources available in Azure.
  • Experience of "you only pay for what you use"
  • Introduction to Powershell language

Module 4 - Introduction to Microsoft Certifications

  • What are certifications
  • What are they for: are they important in the world of work? Who are they aimed at?
  • How to obtain them
  • How to prepare for the certification exam


Module 5 - Az900: how to get certified

  • Learn more about the topics required for the AZ900
  • How to book the exam
  • Preliminaries for coming prepared for the exam: the dumps
  • If I don't pass the exam, what happens? Can I retake it?

Module 6 - Online Challenge - Final Challenge

During the last webinar, participants compete in an online challenge consisting of a skills assessment test. The person who passes the test with the best score and in the shortest time gets a voucher to take the AZ 900 certification exam free of charge.


  • Ability to distinguish stand-alone, client and server computers
  • Ability to briefly explain what the advantages of the cloud are, what it offers and compare it to on prem and hybrid configurations.
  • Mastery of the concepts of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS.
  • Ability to identify the skills of a cloud engineer


Calendar of appointments

5.30 p.m. - 7 p.m.

  • Monday 5 June
  • Tuesday 27 June
  • Monday 12 June
  • Monday 19 June
  • Thursday 22 June
  • Monday 26 June

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