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Creative Day

Creative Day

Final event of Project Roll Cloud

Final appointment for the second edition of Project Roll Cloud – Working in the Cloud, the innovative course that introduces secondary school students in Piedmont to scenarios, professions and skills related to the cloud to enrich their educational and professional outlooks.  The project is part of Opening Future, the programme dedicated to the development of digital skills promoted by Intesa SanpaoloGoogle Cloud, andNoovle, the cloud company of the TIM Group.

After participating in webinars held by professionals from partner companies and learning about some of the most sought after professional profiles, students began work on an “Easy Cloud Story,” a creative challenge to narrate the enabling technology provided by the cloud to children, adolescents, and family members by creating digital products: podcasts, videos, blogs and videogames. The older students worked on a service or product that could be based on the cloud with Google Workspace.

The teams of the best projects will participate in the Creative Day, a day dedicated to optimizing their products with FMD experts and short sessions with company mentors.

The Creative Day will be held at the Gruppo Intesa SanpaoloArea X, the first experiential space dedicated to insurance protection. Thanks to holograms, virtual reality and gamification, students experience typical situations through immersive, interactive and virtual tools.



  • Mirta Michilli, Director General, Fondazione Mondo Digitale
  • Andrea De Beni, New Business Communication and Communications Director, Intesa Sanpaolo (tbc)


Three immersive reality experiences to learn about protection in a fun manner [see virtual tour]


Teams improve and finalise their digital products with FMD experts and professionals from partner companies. The day will also include short conversations with mentors from partner companies who will provide further advice and suggestions.

15.30 | MY CLOUD!

Students will produce four short promotional videos to present their products. The videos will be promoted through FMD social media channels and provided to school communities to drive awareness-raising and learning on these issues.

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