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Working on the Cloud

In 2020, the Cloud turned out to be the best ally of companies in rapidly and efficiently addressing the Covid-19 emergency. It’s a simple technology that reduces distance and allows more agile and flexible work organisation. However, the “Dream Jobs? Teenagers’ Career Aspirations and the Future of Work” Report (OECD 2020) reveals that cloud professions are still largely unknow to the younger generations, who still orient themselves towards more professional jobs.


As part of Programme “Opening Future”, promoted by Google CloudIntesa Sanpaolo and Noovle, the Fondazione Mondo Digitale has developed an innovative course to introduce students to cloud careers. The course includes meetings with experts, frontal lessons and creative challenges to discover the educational opportunities, job profiles and future scenarios related to this area of computer science that is in full swing. Experiential and interesting activities will enrich the educational and professional possibilities of students.


  • Develop digital and soft skills
  • Support and orient youth education
  • Increase student awareness of the digital transformation of work
  • Actively involve schools in designing future scenarios


The programme addresses 2000 first- and second-degree secondary school students in the Piedmont Region.



The course is organised into three macro-activity areas:

  • Roll Talk: 1.5-hour webinar on the cloud with experts from project partners, including testimonials, case studies, multiple choice questions and interviews with professionals.
  • Easy Cloud Story: students work on a “facilitation” challenge to describe enabling technology in a simple and easy manner to children, adolescents and families by also producing digital products (podcasts, videos, blogs and videogames).
  • Creative Day: the teams presenting the four most significant projects, selected by a jury, will work with experts to optimize their products during a creation day.


The course also includes videos, special focuses and tests on the Moodle Platform, that can be used by students at any time.



Thanks to the company volunteering model, professionals from Google, Intesa San Paolo and Noovle with six different profiles will be involved in the course:

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Systems Engineer
  • Cloud-Native DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud Specialist
  • Cloud Operations Administrator
  • Cloud Security Specialist




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