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Fully Enjoy the Internet in Milan

Vivi Internet, al meglio

Fully Enjoy the Internet in Milan

Fully Enjoy the Internet in Milan

Project Fully Enjoy the Internet, developed by Google and promoted on-line together with the Fondazione Mondo DigitaleState PoliceAltroconsumo, and Anteas for teachers, was conceived to allow students, parents, and teachers to use the web responsibly. The next appointment, which will be in Milan on April 30 (16:00-18:00) at the Istituto Leone XIII, will feature the presentation of the course dedicated to teachers and parents to use technology in a responsible manner in order to contrast the growth of cybercrime and serious risks to children and adolescents. 

The new resource dedicated to teachers and parents is a “Fully Enjoy the Internet” Podcast developed with the European University of Rome: five episodes that address a conscientious use of the web and technology to provide parents with a tool for understanding the issues involved. Each podcast episode will highlight the risks and opportunities provided by the web and provide useful advice for a positive attitude, both on- and off-line.



16.00 | Welcome

  • Vincenzo Sibillo, Director General, Istituto Leone XIII

16.10 | Speakers 

  • Anna Scavuzzo, Deputy Mayor and Education Councillor, City of Milan 
  • Mirta Michilli, Director General, Fondazione Mondo Digitale
  • Martina Colasante, Government Affairs & Public Policy Manager, Google Italia (tbc)
  • Emiliano Fedele, Assistant Head Coordinator, Postal Police, Milan 
  • Paolo Aghemo, Tutor, organiser of the SFP traineeship at the European University of Rome
  • Silvia Silveri, Professor, IC Piero Angela

17.00 | Educational Session with the Postal Police on Digital Citizenship and On-line Security

  • Emiliano Fedele, Assistant Head Coordinator, Postal Police, Milan

18.00 | Conclusion 

Open Schools Milan, a project that the Education Department of Milan promotes, also promotes the initiative so that each school in the city may become a real civic centre for its area.

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