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The Metaverse for Health

Vagone FMD

The Metaverse for Health

The Metaverse for Health

Vagone FMD at Binario F

New horizons for the training of healthcare personnel, therapies for mental illnesses, and healthcare at home are three of the main experiments conducted in the metaverse in terms of science and health. The immersive, interactive, and multi-user nature of the metaverse promises a richer training for the future of health professionals, new frontiers for surgery, security for professionals and greater quality, precision, rapidity, and empathy in homecare within a few years. While this must still be developed, these opportunities have driven us to reflect on the possibilities of the metaverse through a series of events, beginning in October 2022 at Binario F in Rome, for a total of 12 meetings with policymakers, public decision makers, academia, publicadministrations, trade associations and SMEs. TheVagone FMD meetings are based on three main pillars: the metaverse for education, for cultural activities and for cultural heritage.

The next meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, January 11, will be dedicated to healthcare.



10.00  | WELCOME 

  • Alfonso Molina, Scientific Director, Fondazione Mondo Digitale
  • Flavio Arzarello, Public Policy Manager, Meta Italy, Malta and Cyprus


  • Pier Luigi Ingrassia, President, SocietàItalianaSimulazione in Medicina, Coordinator of the technical table on simulation in healthcare
  • Andrea Silenzi, Healthcare Director, General Direction for Health Prevention, Italian Ministry of Health
  • Massimo Canducci, Chief Innovation Officer, Engineering
  • Silvia Bressan, Professor, Departmentof Female and Child Health, University of Padua
  • Federica Battisti, Professor, Department of Information Engineering, University of Padua
  • MartijnBoosman, founder,SimX
  • Giacomo Gensini, CEO,Nume Plus


  • Lara Forgione, Coach, Fondazione Mondo Digitale


  • Mattia Antini, President,Societàitaliana di Leadership e Management in Medicina

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