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Towards the Jubilee 2025 with Digital Tools

Vagone FMD nel Metaverso

Towards the Jubilee 2025 with Digital Tools

Towards the Jubilee 2025 with Digital Tools

Vagone FMD in the Metaverse. Appointment at Binario F

The Metaverse has all the potential to involve entire economic sectors, from trade to tourism to services. What are the opportunities offered by this technology for SMEs today? And where does one need to start to integrate digital tools into one’s business?

During the training session, SMEs will be able to analyse their positioning and define which tools would be useful to enhance their brand, differentiate themselves from the competition, and create new business opportunities in view of the 2025 Jubilee. The meeting includes an introductory part on the Metaverse and its possible applications, an experiential session within immersive scenarios, and a practical session in which participants learn to use the business model canvas, a useful tool for strategically defining and renewing development models. The event "Towards the Jubilee 2025: how to seize digital opportunities" is organized as part of the Project Vagone FMD. From 01 to 100 in the Metaverse in collaboration with Dintec and the Punto Impresa Digitale of the Rome Chamber of Commerce.



14.00 | WELCOME 

  • Mirta Michilli, Director General, Fondazione Mondo Digitale
  • Costanza Andreini, Public Policy Manager Italy, Meta
  • Massimiliano Colella, Director General, Innova Camera – Special Company of the Rome Chamber of Commerce
  • Antonio Romeo, Director, Dintec


  • Gianluca Polegri, Director, Digital Channels Engineering
  • Giulia Mastrorosato, Business Manager, TechStar


Organised by Valentina Gelsomini, Technical Infrastructure and Educational Resources Manager, Fondazione Mondo Digital, and Edoardo Mancini, Coach, Fondazione Mondo Digitale


Roberta Moretti, Coach, Fondazione Mondo Digitale


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