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The Ageless Enthusiasm of Discovery

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The Ageless Enthusiasm of Discovery

The Ageless Enthusiasm of Discovery

An introduction to the young coaches of OfficinaDigitale – Digital Workshop

“I believe technology is a necessary means that facilitates my daily actions: from the simplest, like calculating my route to an appointment, to the more complicated ones. Moreover, it also allows me to keep in touch with friends and loved ones that I can’t see very often. So, I can state that technology does not only embrace the sphere of functionality, but also is a useful tool for relations and friendships.”

Sara Magrini is 28 and lives in Pisa where she studies Robotic Engineering. She learned about the Fondazione Mondo Digitale through the RomeCup and has become a passionate coach. In her interview with Alberta Testa, Sara explains why she decided to also work with elders with Project  Digital Workshop.

How come you decided to collaborate with the Fondazione Mondo Digitale?
When they proposed that I collaborate with them, I accepted because I was curious. And I did the right thing. I learned more about the Fondazione Mondo Digitale and am happy to contribute to the social impact of its projects. I have always loved speaking in public and taking risks. And I especially love the idea of giving something to people – obviously, things within “my reach” and with all the humbleness possible!

How did you react when you found out you would be training over-60s?
I was enthusiastic. I have been tutoring children and adolescents to earn a little more and I liked the idea of changing audience. Also, the experience with my grandmother – I always help her to navigate the digital world – drove me towards this experience.

What did you get from this experience?
I certainly learned to improvise. My “students” were curious and active. Thanks to this experience, I acquired greater flexibility and readiness. So, in a certain way, they taught me something, too. It was very helpful, especially at a personal level.

What do you believe is the advantage of intergenerational learning?
I believe that when the young teach elders, the greatest advantage is the easiness of communication. I think that adults would be more stilted. We do not know how to be direct, how to manage communication efficiently. Their smiles and jokes – even the enthusiasm with which they took notes – made it a very pleasant experience.

What issues did the elders find most interesting?
Definitely, learning more about phishing and the use of QR Codes.

Why is it important to involve elders in this type of activity?
Involving them in learning activities on digital topics is extremely important. Otherwise, they would be excluded from a vital part of modern society.

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