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Alex and Sara’s Story

Alex e Sara protagonisti del progetto vincitore

Alex and Sara’s Story

Alex and Sara’s Story

Students from the Liceo Brotzu in Cagliari explain the risks of deepfakes.

Notwithstanding our efforts, it looks like AI is still not capable of substituting a human staff … so for a series of logistical mistakes, our project officer, Debora Cavallo ended up managing the first leg of the hackathon tour organised for the tenth edition of Coding Girls on her own [see news: The Inclusive Intelligence of Young Women]. However, as resoluteness is the ABC of a non-profit, Debora rolled up her sleeves and used her experience to do it all. “It was a very pleasant and stimulating hackathon and the students worked well,” she says. “Surely, the fact that the students were supported by university tutors was a plus. They were all very competent, careful, and helpful. They provided precious help both to me and to the participants. The event was also stimulating for the students; in general, there were no problems.”

Twelve teams participated in the ChatSPOT: AI in Social Advertising  final challenge that was held yesterday at the University of Cagliari

  • Bakabrain
  • Multietnico
  • I Cuochi
  • Wolves Of Wall Street
  • Ragazze 3sd
  • Crasc
  • Gli Icon, Iconici
  • Ggla
  • Virtualia
  • Gno
  • I Nsfcn
  • Dettori Team

Here are the winning teams, selected by a jury of university experts:

Best Project: Team “I cuochi”
Title: The Danger of Deepfakes
Description: Social advertising to explain why deepfakes are dangerous 
Members: Mattia Murtas, Yaraslau Markevichus, Luca Tidu, Federico Tuveri, Mattia Fortuna, Mario Paride Spano
School: Liceo Giuseppe Brotzu

Most Creative Project: Team CRASC
Title: AI: A Helping Hand, Not a Danger 
Description: A story that aims to raise awareness on the fake on-line news about AI, which actually is a very useful tool and doesn’t represent any danger.
Members: Rossana Gattermayer, Alessandro Olla, Carlo Olla, Sofia Cavagnoli, Camilla Giulia Zedda 
School: Liceo G. M. Dettori


Most Innovative Project: Team GNO
Title: The Power in Your Hands
Members: Stefano Sabiucciu, Michele Cadelanu, Fabio Monti, Michelle Carucci, Francesca Defraia 
School: Istituto tecnico economico Pietro Martini


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