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An App for Freedom of Choice

Hackathon Coding Girls a Pisa

An App for Freedom of Choice

An App for Freedom of Choice

Coding Girls: winners from the hackathon at the University of Pisa

A new leg of the national Coding Girls has just ended with the hackathon hosted by the University of Pisa, at the “Polo Fibonacci,” with coaches Paula Dominique Regalado Avila and Giulia Falaschi. 

The challenge featured 51 students, mostly young women (28), from two high schools: the technical G. Marconi Institute in Pontedera and the Liceo G. Carducci in Viareggio. The students addressed the issue of freedom, to be developed with an app and Marvel Software, organized in 11 teams, supervised by students at the University of Pisa: Bruno Barbieri, Federica Buoncompagni, Claudio Bernardoni, Filipe Bertolucci, and Claudia Porrello.

At the end of the common work session, the jury, composed by Chiara BodeiGianna Del CorsoValeria Raglianti from the University of Pisa, and Helia and Cecilia Stajano from the FND, proclaimed the three winners and assigned three special mentions.



8arts - Team Cang - Liceo G. Carducci

Team members: Carlo Canova, Angela Braggio, Nicole  Caccetta, and Gianmarco Segnani

App through which users post content of all types on the seven arts, plus one, computer science.


Freeberty - Team Losesamadi - Tecnico Marconi                 

Team members: Lorenzo Pietro Aina, Sergio Angiolini, Sara Dandria, Matteo Falchi, Diletta Pratelli.

App through which users can obtain information on the state of rights and freedom in different countries.


HUG - Teen Titans - tecnico Marconi

Team members: Martina Bernacchi, Noemi Lazzeretti, Virginia Pizzi, Emanuele Verde, Maicol Pratali.

App for users in dangerous situations that need to be tracked by rescue teams.

Special Mentions



Freed-home - Team Fantastic 4 - Liceo Carducci

Team members: Elena Farnocchia, Carmen Traversa, Francesca Luncio, Diego Balloni.

Forum in which users participate in discussion groups on issues of interest.


Uncensored - Team “I fantastici 4 plus+” - Tecnico Marconi

Team members: Sara Giannetti, Eleonora Innesti, Andrea Profeti, Elia Salvadori, Noemi Zingoni

App to find uncensored news from around the world, comment, and save it.


OpenGroove -  Melizzobbagni - Tecnico Marconi

Team members: Matilde Giacobbe, Alessandro Meloni, Niccolò Pagni, Mattia Schimizzi

App to reproduce music showing where songs have been censored (and how), both in the present and in the past.

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