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Artificial Intelligence at School


Artificial Intelligence at School

Artificial Intelligence at School

Edu4AI: double appointment for the partnership in Weil der Stadt in Germany

When we speak about artificial intelligence at school, we never think of droids or avatars substituting teachers. We refer to the development of tools and applications that allow learning processes to be custom-tailored and applied efficiently. Let’s start with a question: what elements of AI (chatbots, robotics, visual recognition, etc.) can influence the quality of learning processes?

And to really drive the efficiency of technology in classrooms, both real and virtual, what we need is a true culture of artificial intelligence in education to develop didactic projects that are increasingly more inclusive and efficient.

This was the challenge addressed by the partners of Project Edu4AI that met on July 4-6 in Weil der Stadt, Germany for a three-day event. The educational agenda includes presentations and practical sessions to share and reflect on the experiences of schools implementing pilot AI projects.

Each participant will receive a signed certificate from the organising partner (Johannes Kepler Gymnasium) and the coordinator (IN2).

On July 8, the town will host the final project event to present the final results of Project Edu4AI, including the pedagogic framework, the AI tools, and the pilot projects that were implemented. The event is more of a mini conference than an exhibition. Experts from the world of academia and schools will present their experiences and provide feedback. The show will allow interested parties to experiment the Edu4AI projects first hand.

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