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People Power: results of the third Talent tour session with Italgas

Dear students, today's the People Power Talent Tour challenge demands you reason as young entrepreneurs. You will be launching a start-up that to work alongside Italgas on issues concerning innovation in the management of human resources, i.e. the best possible use of human capital.

Imagine being consultants and having to direct an important group like Italgas through a well-organised professional project. Each team will have to assign various roles, identifying, for example, a "boss" (CEO), a technical director (CTO), a marketing manager (CMOO), an operations director (COO) and a finance director (CFO). Depending on the size of the group, you can also assign multiple roles to the same person. In short, you have to make the team work optimally. These are just examples, feel free to move as you prefer.

Here, in greater detail, is the challenge:

The company asks you to create a project that uses generative artificial intelligence to develop a balanced welfare plan that meets the needs and requests of employees.

Yesterday, 40 university students from Bologna, average age 23, accepted the challenge launched by Italgas by participating in an original training day and a creative marathon. Eight mixed students teams from various Masters programmes at the University of Bologna participated in the People Power creathon.

The challenge was won by Team Teresa that designed a virtual platform capable of helping the company achieve its objectives by managing the well-being of its workers. Team Teresa had the greatest number of women (4) and one man and was the most homogeneous in terms of education. All the team members are students of the “Greening Energy Market and Finance” master's degree programme: Maria Luna Ariano (23, Year 1), Nicolò Cenciarelli (23, Year 1), Sara Farnedi (22, Year 1), Maddalena Mariani (23, Year 2), and Daniela Wrinkle (25, Year 1).

Two teams tied for second place. Team Smartwelfare presented an artificial intelligence app developing custom-tailored pension plans, while Team Flying Pigs developed an on-line platform to help employees gain easy access to welfare opportunities.

Team Smartwelfare was composed by Irene Alterini (22), Andrea Cavalli (23, Year 1, Quantitative Finance), Margherita Fabini (22, Year 1,  Mathematics), Nursat  Kulumkanov (21, Year 1, “Greening Energy Market and Finance”), Matteo Ravagni (21, Year 1, “Greening Energy Market and Finance”), Egor Ufimtsev (30, Year 1, “Greening Energy Market and Finance”).

Team Flying Pigs was composed by Alessandro Brancalion (22, Year 1, “Greening Energy Market and Finance”), Jacopo De Pietro (23 anni, Year 2, “Greening Energy Market and Finance”), Valerio Giannini (24 anni, Year 1, Computer Engineering) and Jette Sauer (24, Year 1, Law, Economics and Governance).

The projects were evaluated by a jury of experts:

  • Claudio Magni, Head of Development, Italgas spa
  • Marcello Macellari, Development Specialist, Italgas spa
  • Michele Tran Duc Toan,  IG Academy Specialist, Italgas spa
  • Silvia Romagnoli, Professor, "Paolo Fortunati" Dept. of Statistics and Coordinator of the master’s programme in “Greening energy market and finance”
  • Alberto Alemanni, HR Organization Expert, Italgas spa

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