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With Chiara Passa at VideoCittà

Agorà Expo di VideoCittà

With Chiara Passa at VideoCittà

With Chiara Passa at VideoCittà

The Festival of Vision and Digital Culture begins tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Rome “Gazometro” will inaugurate the fourth edition of Videocittà, the Festival of Vision and Digital Culture conceived by Francesco Rutelli, and with the creative direction of Francesco Dobrovich. The festival will dedicate four days to videoart, music, installations and short virtual reality movies to explore the most advanced forms of audiovisual content and digital languages in both the national and international context.

This edition features the introduction of Agorà Expo: for the first time, professionals and companies from the creative sector will showcase projects and products in a new exhibition area organized on the ground floor of Gazometro G3 to share their content and experiences with a wider audience. The exhibited works include a series of short virtual reality clips produced by RAI Cinema, works by leading national and international companies and Italian creative academies, and Still Life, a virtual reality artwork by Chiara Passa, curated by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale in collaboration with Meta.

In this audio clip, Chiara Passa describes her work as an artist and what it means to explore the space of extended reality. Chiara began working on this dimension as soon as the first visors for virtual reality were available on the market. “Immersing oneself into my virtual reality works, spectators may become blind or super-sighted,” explains the artist. So, what is “Still Life”? It is a three-dimensional painting broken down into interactive components. It is organised as a walk. To see everything, the viewer has to choose a path … climb mountains, interact with objects. In other words, viewers enter the picture to experience a surreal and metaphysical world. This artistic experimentation began with the grand frescoes from Pompei. 


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