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Coding for Multidisciplinary Didactic Activities

istituto comprensivo Piazza Capri

Coding for Multidisciplinary Didactic Activities

Coding for Multidisciplinary Didactic Activities

The CS Platform experience at the Istituto comprensivo Piazza Capri

The visual tutorials and the ability to adapt the platform to any content are among the most interesting features of CS First  according to Professor Wilma D’Ambrosio from the Istituto comprensivo Piazza Capri  in Rome. In this interview with Onelia Onorati , the professor addresses the strengths of the platform.

What was your approach with the CS First Platform?

At first, I didn't really understand its usefulness. However, a little at a time, while attending the course, I discovered that the tutorials provided by the platform are extremely practical, as they guide students through the commands, step by step, allowing them to work in parallel,  following the tutorial and simultaneously using what they had learned about Scratch.

Have you already applied coding activities to school subjects in the past?

Yes, I attended webinars to learn how to use Scratch. However, this is the first time that we used a platform like CS First where it is possible to apply coding transversally.

What activities did you participate in and to what extent did you find them useful for teaching?

The project was presented to me through webinars, MOOCs, and digital rooms. I was particularly struck by an on-line meeting organized by Roberto Raspa, on May 10th, in which through the platform we rediscovered ancient civilisations, their habits and customs, and rebuilt their homes. The coach was especially good at introducing us to the image editing tools and applications. I also remember the webinar on "Scratch Rhymes: a nursery rhyme workshop" on March 13th, held by Mauro Crepaldi. The Digital Room "Pictures at an exhibition" on February 15th, with Barbara Avella and Mauro Crepaldi, was also interesting for its technical ideas. Personally, it is not so much the topic that makes a training event engaging but the ability to learn new platform tools.

Can you tell me about the strengths of the platform?

One of the strengths of the platform is the tutorials. These not only facilitate student learning, but also allow those without previous experience to approach programming in an intuitive and gradual manner. Furthermore, the fact that one can log in with a teacher's account and invite students without the need for them to create their own accounts is another great advantage. It makes everything much easier.

Is the platform inclusive?

Yes, the platform is inclusive because it provides visual and written support, making it easier for everyone to follow instructions regardless of their initial skill level. This differentiated approach is particularly useful for students with special educational needs.

Which application areas would you like to use?

I am thinking of the "Adventures on the High Seas," which allows students to learn the basics of programming and logic in a playful and engaging manner. In the future, I plan to explore other projects that CS First offers, such as those related to creating interactive stories, animations, and games. These areas can help students further develop their digital and creative skills.

What do you think of CS First, in general?

Overall, I find CS First interesting. It provides a great starting point for teaching programming in schools. The platform's structured tutorials and accessibility make learning programming easier and more interesting for students, promoting inclusion and equality of educational opportunities. I recommend adding more tutorials because they represent a very useful formula for understanding all of the platform's applications.

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