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A Compass for Sustainable Education

Digi-Breaker Plus

A Compass for Sustainable Education

A Compass for Sustainable Education

Digi-Breaker Plus: pamphlet on good practices is now available.

Often the debate on the future of learning tends to turn into a controversy between tradition and innovation, diverting attention from the positive impact that comes from the integration of digital tools in teaching. The aim of Digi-Breaker Plus is to share a series of good practices and positive examples that can represent an inspiration for the inclusion of digital technologies in teaching practices. The Digi-Breaker Plus Good Practice Booklet presents a number of sustainable practices selected by the European GreenComp Framework, in order to act as a compass and guide teachers.

The fundamental significance of this operation is explained to us by Annaleda Mazzucato, Project Manager at the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, and Andrea Ranelletti, Project Manager at Igitego, both of whom worked on the research phase of the project, coming into contact with organizations in Europe working in the field of professional orientation, identifying best practices and innovative tools, and presenting the DB+ Good Practice booklet.



What are the objectives of this initiative and how does it relate to European priorities and policies in the field of adult education and career guidance?

The objective of European project Breaking Barriers and Building Community for an Effective, Sustainable and Inclusive Digitalization of Adult Guidance Services (Digi-Breaker+), financed by the Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership Programme, is to accelerate green and digital transitions, in line with the European Pillar of Social Rights, which states that "every person has the right to receive timely and personalized assistance to improve their employment prospects," and with the European Climate Pact, which gives priority to green skills to improve employment and self-employment opportunities. Furthermore, interpreting the Porto Declarations 2021, DB+ places education and skills at the centre of its action, supporting adult learners and their communities to transform the challenges opened up by green and digital transitions into new opportunities for human development. By developing a portfolio of flexible learning materials and training modules, the project addresses the need to skill and reskill workers to adapt to market transformations during the transition to a climate-neutral economy.

What activities in particular are planned to improve current practice in the field of adult education?

In addition to creating training opportunities for unemployed adults, and in particular for those who are not highly qualified or skilled, to access new orientation and motivation courses that will help them better manage their careers, the project focuses on increasing the skills and tools available to professional guidance and adult education operators, providing them with innovative digital solutions to enrich the methods used to help unemployed adults looking for work. This strategy was exploited starting from the successful experience of the Ambizione Italia Project, created by a partnership between Microsoft Italia and Fondazione Mondo Digitale, through which 250 public employees and employment center operators received training on digital tools for job search, career guidance, data and cloud, etc.

What are the innovative aspects of the DB+ methodology?

The strengths of the project are the community-based approach to developing innovative and inclusive education programmes, aiming to drive the creation of networks between adult learners, adult education organizations, and a wide range of social actors to promote active citizenship and reduce the risk of marginalization of our citizens. On the other hand, centering on strengthening the capacities of public officials and operators responsible for career guidance and job placement will certainly guarantee a multiplier effect on the impact of the project in the long term, which will improve the sustainability of the project action after its completion. Furthermore, the important added value is the exchange of experiences and good practices at a transnational level, given by working in partnership with organizations with solid experience at European level in the field of career guidance and adult education, and other partners involved as stakeholders in the network. The result of this process of investigation and exchange of experiences led by FMD and Igitego is the recently published booklet of good practices DB+. It presents a selection of good practices at European level, based on scouting and research work carried out previously, which has made it possible to build a network of organizations and experts sharing methods, tools and resources that can be reused and integrated within the DB+ project, also accessible to all organizations and professionals wishing to be inspired by future collaborations and synergies.

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